Prinny Planar Tropical Island

Prinny land

Priiny Island is a remaining fragment of the previous multiverse’s Plane of Failure which the Dragon Council dropped on the planet from orbit for flavor. This was much to Paragon Etna’s delight.

The island’s various Prinny settlements are constantly raided by anyone and their grandmothers for it’s native inhabitants to take back as slave, or for use as cannon fodder in the current Game of Ascension. The Prinnies who reside here, while they are attempting to build fortifications and defenses, are naturally prone to fail in these endeavors. Most organized attempts to hold off an assault on a settlement usually result in a majority of the armed defenders simply abandoning their posts and running for the hills like the cowards they are. Truly, a humorous site to see.

All lifeforms who meet the old existence’s requirements for prinnyhood upon their deaths have their souls automatically appear on this island. Here remaining adapts of the old existence’s Prinny Council have taken up the duties of sewing deserving souls into prinny suits. Because of this they are the only Prinnies bared from being taken as slaves by all four Paragons due to pressure from He Who Mediates.

Stories are told by some regular raiders that randomly around the island two Prinnies of immense power can be spotted dueling an apparently never ending battle. One adept raider of Quadrone 3467 has reported to the Modron hierarchy that on the island he sensed massive amounts of divine energy. Could these be remaining Prinny Gods of the old existence? If so, why do they not slumber with the other deities and powers guarded by the Dragon Council?

Prinny Planar Tropical Island

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