Houserules specific to this campaign

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These are Houserules I am either play-testing as a DM, or which are specific to this campaign setting.

Group Initiatives:
The character with the highest Initiative Modifier rolls for Initiative for the group as a whole, while the leader of the enemy unit rolls for that unit. If there is a tie on the PCs’ side for highest Initiative Modifier then the highest ranking member of their organization (assuming they are of the same organization) rolls for the group, or if all else fails the group votes for the group’s roller for the campaign if two or more PCs are still tied. If an enemy unit all has the same initiative, then the DM simply rolls for them as a group.

Once initiative is rolled by the group the DM will roll, and tell them if the PCs’ party goes first. In sort, all players run their PCs at he same time. Simply tell the DM what you want to do when you please, and once everyone has gone the next group goes. The DM will mediate if things start getting out of hand.

Initiatives for all units/groups are rerolled each round.

“Retribution for our goddess, peace to our souls”

~Half-Human Chant

Houserules specific to this campaign

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