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The elves throughout the planes know something is wrong. The drow, their hated enemies, have been silent far too long…..

Almost a century ago the dark elves went silent. Why is not completely certain, but the elves of the surface know what led up to it. Nearly a hundred year ago, Lolth attempted to unite the Demon Lords of the abyss against the heavens (See Expedition to the Demonweb Pits.). This plan failed however, foiled by a group of adventurers (One of which was a Grey Elf named Grim.). Although in truth it was one of their own who had secretly engineered the failure of Lolth’s summit in the abyss, the Demon Lords blamed Lolth for what took place and for treachery. While individually much weaker than a full-fledged goddess, the demon lords united against her. Some lords even went after Lolth’s mortal children. In the end Lolth managed to survive this abyssal war, but it cost her, and all drow, dearly.

The elves have various accounts of the events which happened next, but what is certain is that shortly following these events drow society collapsed into madness. Elves always talked about how ridiculous and paradoxical drow society was, and how it made no sense that the drow hadn’t already backstabbed and murdered themselves into extinction. Now it seemed to finally be happening, as if whatever was keeping them from finishing each other off was gone. Some believe this was due to Lolth’s absence while she was forced to focus solely on her own survival for so long, but even the Seldarine are silent on this matter.

Spys, and slaves who managed to escape during the chaos tell of how the drow bathed their city streets with their own blood. Some accounts also talk of armies of demons flooding into drow cities from seemingly nowhere, adding to the death and destruction.

After this the drow remained silent for many years. Conflicts between the elves and their evil kin practically ceased overnight, unless instigated by the elves themselves. The drow even passed on key opportunities when former elven enemies were most at risk.

However, recently drow have begun to be spotted on the surface once more in small numbers. It seems these sightings are slowing, but steadily, increasing in frequency.

Stranger than the dark elf sightings are rumors spread by runaway drow slaves. These individuals tell about how something seems to be wrong with the drow. They whisper of drow children being born of fairer skin, and even some bearing discolored hair and eyes. Some also claim that the occasional drow adult might suffer from noticeable paling of it’s skin. Most elves discard these stories as silly tales told by tortured slaves driven mad by the elves of the underdark, for long ago Corellon Larethian himself had cursed the drow with their wretched looks; however, a few elves have begun to become concerned over these allegations.

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Drow and Drow Subraces

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