Common Phrases and Terms Unique to Balance


  • Game of Ascension
    Meaning: The Dragon Council decided that the alignments war of the former multiverse should not repeat itself if at all possible. For this reason they set in motion a race for four Hero Deities, one each a Paragon of their chosen alignment, to compete for true divinity. He (or She) who first manages to reach True Divinity. The Paragon who win will have their patroned alignment set as the most influential alignment of this new multiverse from the beginning.


  • Awakening
    Meaning: The moment all those on Balance awoke from their slumber induced by the Dragon Council to discover themselves as players in the Game of Ascension.

  • He who Mediates
    Meaning: The mysterious Power who has been chosen to mediate between the four Paragons in the Game of Ascension.

  • Old existence
    Meaning: Referring to how things were in the old multiverse.

  • Paragon
    Meaning: One of the four brilliant examples of their patroned alignments competing in the Game of Ascension.

  • True Divinity
    Meaning: Demi-God Status or Higher.

Common Phrases and Terms Unique to Balance

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