Neutralitys island and the gathering realm

The lifespan of our multiverse has finally ended. Everything that was, and that could have still been, all originating from the jaws of Io has now been blown into the gaping jaws of Chronepsis by the winds of time. From start to finish the multiverse has seen it’s beginning and end.

However, the dragons being the children of Io had always known what was to come. Hence, their goals from nearly the start of the multiverse has been to prepare for their uncle’s refolding of creation. This was the true intended purpose of the dragon’s Great Game.

After the eons upon eons of play the dragons’ Great Game was finally declared over as planned, with only hours left before reality collapsed. With their solar realms won the dragons were able to unlock the towers of the Primordial Ones and took flight with their hard-won solar systems. With bits and pieces of the Multiverse in their possessions the dragons dove into the jaws of Chronepsis. Those without fear survived, and together within the hostile Realms Beyond survived and reformed the Dragon Council as the new bubble they would call home along with all the minor races they had saved.

With them they brought various allies to assure that the creation of their new multiverse would be successful, but yet there must be more done to assure the safe progression of this new collection of realities the council felt. Therefore the solar spheres were left in stasis and the dormant gods and powers of old who had been invited to survive were ordered to remain in their deep sleeps until the Dragon Council concluded it’s discussions. Centuries later the debates have ended, and a solution has been agreed upon. This solution has been decreed the Game of Ascension , and you have all been chosen to take part!


Those Who Race to Ascend:

He Who Mediates:

Known settlements placed across the newly conceived world Balance by the Dragon Council:


Known Champions Still in the Game:

Slain Champions:

  • Bo-Bo (Champion of Bing Bang)(Slain by Captain Jester and Grendel)
  • Viviana (Champion of Etna)(Slain by Ears and Grendel)

Information For Players:

Game of Ascension

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